how to buy amazon stocks So you're a ukulele player. Left-leaning. Frustrated and angry about the state of the world. But you think to yourself: What can I do? I'm just a weirdo ukulele player!

Providing all of your
left-leaning ukulele
political action needs!

Because the smallest voice
can be a mighty force.

Weirdo ukulele player, Ukuleles For Sanity has a special message for you: Sometimes, it is the fearless defiance of the smallest, most vulnerable and least threatening among us that makes the stronger statement. Sometimes the smallest voice can be a mighty force!

Ukuleles For Sanity is a loose affiliation of left-leaning professional musicians and music enthusiasts who have found their artistic voices in the diminutive, underachieving simplicity of the four-stringed ukulele, and are using that voice, with all of its quirky and unique charm, to deliver a powerful political message of empowerment in these dangerous, oppressive times.

Armed only with a love of democracy, a constitutional indignation...and perhaps the most portable protest instrument in the history of music, Ukuleles For Sanity is looking to form "Ukulele National Guards" around the country to participate in street marches and similar events to sing and strum against the war-mongering, democracy-hating, gay-bashing, environment-debasing, morally corrupt Bush Administration and its constituency of billionaire neo-feudalists.

Ukuleles For Sanity marched in New York City with 500,000 of our closest friends during the Republican National Convention. Our ironic humor, our disarming, inexplicable confidence, and our sing-alongability lifted the spirits of those marching around us in the sweltering heat.

Two days earlier, Ukuleles For Sanity presented a fundraising concert for United for Peace and Justice at The Fez Under Time Cafť in New York. Hosted by the uke-playing indie actress, Illeana Douglas, and featuring 16 different ukulele acts, Dubyaís Ukulele Farewell Party packed the house and raised $1,070 for UFP&J.;

amazon shares The media was wacky for us, too. We were written up in the Washington Post, interviewed by BBC Radio, and invited to perform on MSNBC TV. We also became minor legends among the bloggers and web reporters covering the protests.

We think our approach worked. The disarming quirkiness of our ukuleles drew the media to our underlying protest message, disarmed the angry opposition, and lifted the spirits of our fellow protesters. Now we want to take it to the next level.

[OVER] We want to see our concept spread across the country to other protest venues. Not to create an organization called Ukuleles For Sanity, but to create a movementóa quirky philosophical approach to dissent that ultimately serves to augments and facilitate the more serious work of other activist organizations.

To weirdo ukulele players, we say: take up our banner. Go to http://ukesanity.org. Download our posters and flyers. Pick up your ukulele. Put on a Uke Sanity tee shirt. And take to the streets. It doesnít matter if youíre a Ukulele National Guard of one or many. Whenever you march, do so with a ukulele in hand and consider yourself a sanctioned Ukuleles For Sanity representative. Take the Ukuleles For Sanity message with you whenever you perform on stage at your regular gigs. But be sure to let us know when you do so that we can promote you and your music on our website.

And to those activist organizations that wish to create their own Ukuleles for Sanity group within their organization but donít actually know any ukulele players, we say: 5 minutes. Thatís how long it takes to learn a basic three-chord protest song on a ukulele. It doesnít even matter how well you play it. Itís a ukulele. Expectations will be low. Novelty interest will be high. We think having your strings in tune helps, but itís your call.

The point is, no matter who you are, at any time, you are always only five minutes away from being a sanctioned Ukuleles For Sanity representative.

For more info, check out our website at http://ukesanity.org or write to tom@ukesanity.org. The whole damn thing was his idea. how to invest in amazon

Yahoo Group for the Uke Sanity March